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You are probably here either because you want to learn about CIPP, or you are having sewer problems and need some professional assistance. Fortunately for you, you have come to the right place. We have information here about CIPP (Cured In Place Pipe) and loads of other important information for you to know before having any work done to your The CIPP Pros Are Heresewer line.

What is CIPP? It is often referred to by other names such as trenchless sewer repair, zero-dig sewer repair, and no-dig sewer repair. The old way of fixing or replacing a sewer line involved digging up your yard which also added the cost of new landscaping and tons of property rehab. We at Precision Lining & Sewer are Certified CIPP experts. When you hire us for your trenchless sewer line repair, we not only get the job done faster and cleaner, but we also give our clients a better and longer lasting sewer line. For more information on CIPP, click here.

While we are your CIPP experts, that is far from our only solution we offer. We help our clients with ALL of their sewer issues. We can thaw your frozen lines, we clean them or replace them if necessary and we do sewer line televising to give you an exact understanding and clear picture of what your problems are. We have over 20 years’ experience in the industry and we are known for our friendly service and our outstanding quality. So if you have any problems, we are the company that you want working on your sewer line.

We are Southern Minnesota’s Professional Lining & Sewer company. We are located in Owatonna, MN but we serve the entire area. So take a look around, read up on us, the CIPP process, our services, and our company. Then give us a call for a free estimate and we will be there shortly! When we get there, we will diagnose your sewer problems and offer you the best solution for your situation. On every project we do, we finish them promptly, professionally, and correctly.

Costs for sewer repair vary greatly from one project to the next, but the average price to repair your sewer line is not nearly as expensive as you probably thought!

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