Green Is More Than A Color, It's A Way Of Life


Not Only Are We Eco-Friendly, But So Is Our Technology

Precision Lining & Sewer cares deeply about the environment, which is why we recommend our Eco-Friendly CIPP whenever it is possible. CIPP in and of itself, is eco-friendly for many reasons. The most glaring reason is that it requires less material and less equipment to install which mCIPP is Eco-Friendlyeans significantly less energy to install and consequently, less emissions.

CIPP is going to be green decades from now as well because when the time does come to dispose of the material it will be roughly 30 times less material to get rid of. The pavement and other materials that need to be replaced when doing traditional trench sewer repair is exponentially more as well (truckloads of dirt, sod, pavement etc). Lastly, the epoxy resin that we use is the most eco-friendly on the market. Overall, it is estimated that CIPP is approximately 85% greener than traditional sewer lining.

The “green movement” has become less of a movement and more of a way to conduct yourself or your business. Even when we are not doing a CIPP project, we still have the environment on our minds. We recycle everything we can, and we always properly dispose of our waste. We do everything in our power not to use any extra energy or materials that we don’t need to use. For those of you who also conduct themselves this way, thank you!