Our (kinda) first Blog Post

Precision Lining & Sewer Has A Blog!

Hello internets!! This is our official first blog post. We aren’t putting much right now, but much more will follow. We hope that you subscribe to our Newsletter, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Flikr. All the icons to our pages should be both on the top of each page of our site as well as on the bottom. We would like to encourage our current and former clients to write a review for us on Facebook, Yelp, Angies’s List, and Google+.

We know that we are good at what we do. But we know we are not perfect. We like to think that we learn from our mistakes, but if we are not aware of those we have made in the past, we will not be able to fix them in the future. So please, we appreciate honest feedback. Thanks for stopping by, there will be more to come!!

We have all of our services, business information, contact information and anything else you would ever want to know about Precision Lining & Sewer all over our new website. BUT, if you want more, just give us a call and we can chat. Ask us anything! 1-507-676-4775


If you are wondering about the picture, well it’s because there isn’t really much of a relevant picture to go with this post. Then we realized that our childhood hero’s were sewer experts too. Only we didn’t really want to pay thousands of dollars to use their images. So we found a picture of 4 ninja turtles that are not teenage, nor mutant… Yet…

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