Sewer Repair Services

Offered By The Professionals at Precision Lining & Sewer


Our Sewer Repair Services – at a Glance

When you see the new service van, your repairs are almost done

Here at Precision Lining & Sewer, we offer a full line of sewer repair services for all residential and commercial sewer problems. So when it comes to sewer line repair, replacement, thawing or cleaning we are ready to help our clients quickly and professionally.

Our experts will diagnose the problem(s), explain the causes, and offer solutions on the spot. We are also usually able to give our price estimates on the spot as well so you don’t have to wait a few days while your problem is compounding. We have our sewer repair services listed below so that you can learn more but you will still need to contact us for your free estimate. So have a look then contact us today so we can be out there tomorrow!

  • Trenchless Sewer Line Repair / Replacement

    Our CIPP process is quick and painless to both your wallet and your yard, yet it will last a lifetime.
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  • Traditional Sewer Line Repair / Replacement

    Trenched sewer line repair is never fun. Yet if it is needed, you want it done right, and that’s the only way we do things.
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  • Sewer Line Televising & Locating

    The easiest and quickest way to know EXACTLY what your sewer line problems are. No guessing involved when you have your line televised.
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  • Drain Cleaning

    Whether it is a backed up sink, shower drain, or if it is a dirty sewer line, if you need a drain cleaned the right way, the fast way, you need to call us today!
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  • Sewer Line & Water Line Thawing

    Call us in to make sure your few hundred dollar problem doesn’t become a few thousand dollar problem.
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